College of Arts and Sciences

Renaissance Studies


Roundtable and Reception
Friday, December 11th, 4:30-6:30
College Arts and Humanities Institute (CAHI)
1211 East Atwater Avenue (Corner of Ballantine and Atwater)

Please join us for the 7th roundtable featuring the exciting work of advanced graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines, exploring issues of general interest to scholars of Renaissance and early modern studies. The roundtable will begin at 4:30pm with brief presentations by each of the panelists followed by Q&A, before we continue the exchange at the reception. The panelists are:

Michael Lutz (English): “Brabantio’s Dream: Imagining Blackness in Othello.”
(Dissertation project: “Performative Humanism in Early Modern Drama.”)

Mollie Ables (Musicology): “Examining Musicians’ Networks Using the Text Encoding Initiative: Case Studies from Late Seventeenth-Century Venice.”
(Dissertation project: “Giovanni Legrenzi’s Venetian Career and Musicians’ Networks at Sacred Institutions, 1670-1690.”)

David Wagner (French and Italian): “Mme de Lafayette’s Two Princesses: Fear, Interiority, and the Birth of the Modern Novel.”
(Dissertation project: “The Complex Force of Fear: Understanding Power, Faith, and Love in Seventeenth Century France.”)

Ashley Inglehart (History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine): “Daniel Sennert, Nathaniel Highmore, and the Problem of Animal Generation.”
(Dissertation project: “Seminal Ideas: The Forces of Generation for Robert Boyle and his Contemporaries.”)

This will be a great chance to meet faculty and graduate students working in other disciplines. We will also advertise the Renaissance Studies minor and certificate, and announce our events planned for 2016. I hope to see you there!

Hall Bjørnstad
Director of Renaissance Studies