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Renaissance Studies

About Us

Giovanni Zanovello
Director of Renaissance Studies
Associate Professor of Music (Musicology)
giovzano at
(812) 855-7166
Simon Center, M325J

Alex Teschmacher
Assistant Director, College Arts and Humanities Institute
awteschm at
(812) 856-1169
Maxwell Hall 100B

Steering Committee

Penelope Anderson (English / Elected) 2022-2025
Domenico Bertoloni Meli (History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine/Elected) 2023-2027
Giles Knox (Art History / Appointed) 2022-2025
Massimo Scalabrini (French and Italian/Elected) 2021-2024
Sonia Velázquez (Comparative Literature and Religious Studies/Appointed) 2023-2027

Renaissance Studies Governance Document

Diversity Statement

As an interdisciplinary program with a mission to foster dialogue and collaboration across disciplines, languages and traditions, Renaissance Studies is fundamentally committed to values of diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to create and maintain an inclusive community where all feel welcomed, valued and supported, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship status, gender identity, sexuality, disability, age, economic class or religious tradition. In our programming we welcome and encourage diverse views, epistemologies and research strategies that can help redefine the meaning and scope of the term Renaissance, while also acknowledging the essentially problematic origin and history of Renaissance Studies. Indeed, it is only through such a reckoning that the program can fulfill its mission.

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