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Renaissance Studies

Renaissance Studies is a multi-disciplinary program for faculty and graduate students who work on Renaissance and early modern materials from the 14th to the 17th century. The mission of the program is to foster dialogue and collaboration across disciplines, languages and traditions. Renaissance Studies organizes a vast range of events, including conferences, lecture series, symposia and roundtables. A Ph.D. minor or an area certificate in Renaissance Studies provides the multi-disciplinary education necessary to equip students for research on Renaissance and early modern topics, drawing on a wide selection of courses with a Renaissance / early modern focus.

New Renaissance Studies Blog

As a new feature of the Renaissance Studies website, the 2016-17 Renaissance Studies Graduate Fellow Rowena Galavitz will write a series of blog posts, titled “Renaissance Perspectives.” The first post in the series, “Under Your Nose: Archive Finds at Home,” is available now.

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, October 6
    “Bring Out Your Dead! Dancing on the Graves of Shakespeare and Cervantes”
    Timed to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the deaths of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, and scheduled in October, the month of Halloween, our secular cult of the dead, Bring Out Your Dead! invites students, faculty, staff, and general public to reflect in a merry context on the myriad ways the past lives on. Join us for a Renaissance multi-course banquet with dessert by Piccoli Dolci, and wise and wry interludes highlighting the best IU Arts and Humanities has to offer, including performaces by the Historical Performance Institute, University Players, and Cardinal Stage Company. Tickets in advance: $30 faculty and general public, $10 students. Click here to purchase.
  • Friday, October 21, 2:30-5:30pm
    “What Was Beauty?”
    In conjunction with the Themester on Beauty, this event brings a sharp focus to the question about what beauty was, what role it played in the human experience of past centuries, and how this legacy continues to shape our present consideration of and/or aversions to beauty. The event features two keynote lectures by prominent external guests Michael Cole (Art History, Columbia University) and Lydia Goehr (Philosophy, Columbia University), world class scholars of the Italian Renaissance and history of aesthetics respectively, followed by a roundtable with three IU faculty where each panelist brings in one object of beauty from the past for all of us to consider together. The panelists are Marco Arnaudo (French and Italian), Kristina Muxfeldt (Musicology) and Sonia Velázquez (Religious Studies / Comparative Literature).
  • Friday, December 9
    End-of-Year Roundtable featuring the work of advanced graduate students, followed by a festive reception.